Soar into the skies and enjoy the fresh breeze as you go Paramotoring. Paramotoring, also known as powered paragliding, enables you to fly like a bird with the help of a powered paraglider that consists of an engine, a propeller in a cage, and a harness with a seat. The equipment is light and minimal, perfect to leave you with an amazing flying experience! Powered paragliding is indeed a marvelous innovation in the world of aviation. This sport, with international recognition, has gained a lot of popularity in India over the years. In India, youngsters and tourists, who are looking for a unique experience, mostly do powered paragliding. Apart from this, powered paragliding is used in military activities, but to a limited extent. It is also used by civilians in terrains where walking or driving is almost impossible. A lot of enthusiasts use it for game viewing and photography as well.

During this trip, you get to enjoy powered paragliding in Bangalore. It is quite popular among adventure seekers. Enjoy the natural beauty as you explore the marvels of Bangalore. The beautiful landscape from above is truly a visual treat. The cool breeze and the beautiful scenery leave you in a complete state of thrill. Feel the gush of wind refresh and relax your mind as you forget the hustle-bustle of daily life. Experience the freedom and tranquillity as you enjoy the flight.

A lot of people flock to places in our vicinity of Bangalore to experience power paragliding joyrides. In these rides, a large glider is used to thrust two people (pilot and passenger) into the air. The passenger in the front enjoys the view below as the pilot at the back controls the powered paragliding equipment. Apart from the enthralling powered paragliding experience, you can also enrich your knowledge-base by attending courses and training programs conducted on powered paragliding with us, which are held by our experienced trainers.

For those who do not have the time to undergo training, and still want to experience the joys of flying through powered paragliding, try out the powered paragliding joyrides in Jakur Aerodrome. In this case, an experienced instructor accompanies the passenger during the flight. The instructor sits behind to control the equipment and the passenger sits in front to enjoy the aerial view of the city below. You can even carry your camera along to capture the scenic beauty around and save these wonderful moments to cherish forever.

Powered paragliding is quite a safe sport, and the reason is the low speed during launching and landing, and high stability. In this case, the paramotor requires to be powered only during launch time. Once in mid-air, the pilot can switch off the engine and restart it whenever required.

So, leap into the wilderness of the massive sky as you embark on this breath-taking trip to explore the beautiful bird’s eye view of Bangalore and its neighboring localities. This new experience is sure to thrill you and bring in the much desired adrenaline rush to awaken you with a new sense of excitement. Enjoy a safe powered paragliding experience as the powered paragliding experts guide you.