The PADI Dive Centre of BornWild® is located on the foot of Sadashivgad Fort on the banks of the pristine Kali river. With breath taking views of the estuary of the Arabian Sea and the Kali River, the dive centre itself feels like you are just entering the sea. The floating jetty outside the centre ensures that the guests don’t have to walk or travel to catch a boat.

The Dive sites around Oyster Rocks. Oyster Rocks are the group of small islands and rocks. Devgad being the main summit on which a Lighthouse is situated.The L ighthouse was constructed by the British during 1860 CE and was commissioned into service on 25th March 1864 CE.

Around the Oyster Rocks, we have various dive sites which offer shallow to deep dive options. These dive sites are great for training and also offers the opportunity to view variety of marine life.

SCUBA is an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus — the key piece of equipment used by SCUBA divers to breathe underwater. SCUBA divers carry breathing air while underwater, which allows them to move around freely and stay underwater for long periods of time.

SCUBA Diving takes you to a different world, a world you have never experienced before. You may have been mesmerized by the sight of folks of birds flying in the horizon, but it is nothing compared to the feeling of a school of 100 fish gliding just alongside you or the feeling that you have grown wings and is flying along with the fishes in the sea or the adrenalin surging through you when you dive and navigate your way around a ship wreck or diving into the sea at night. That is what scuba offers you, a chance to experience something you have never experienced before.

As a PADI certified diver you will have access to the underwater frontiers in some of the most exotic destinations in the world and immerse you in new cultures involved with the environment. It’s a lifestyle you can enjoy close to home or across the globe.

With BornWild®, you can start your SCUBA journey with a PADI Open Water Diver certification course in 2-4 days depending on your convenience and move on to more exciting stuff. If you are already at an advanced level, you can keep moving up the ladder. We even can help you choose SCUBA diving as a career. We offer it all here. Come dive with us !

Discover SCUBA

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Advanced Open Water

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Rescue Diver

Learn to prevent and manage problems in the water, and become more confident as a diver. Read More

Dive Master

Be a leader who mentors and motivates others.Read More

Emergency First Responder

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Deep Diver Specialty Course

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Enriched Air Diver Specialty Course

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Night Diver Specialty Course

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Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Course

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Search & Recovery Specialty Course

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Underwater Navigation Specialty Course

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Wreck Diver Specialty Course

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Project Aware Coral Reef Conservation

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